Store_artifacts and persist_to_workspace are failing when using ubuntu-2004:202107-02

Since yesterday we’ve started getting errors on store_artifacts and persist_to_workspace steps:

Uploading /home/circleci/xxx/file_path (506 kB):  caused by: Put "https://circle-production-customer-artifacts.bucket.vpce-...-build/artifacts/~/xxx/file_path": dial tcp ip:443: connect: no route to host

(funny enough store_artifacts finishes with success even if it doesn’t upload anything)
I guess the issue must be connected to

      image: ubuntu-2004:202107-02

because it succeeds on other jobs.
Any tips how to solve that?

Hi @Mateusz-Kopec

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I am escalating this internally to see if I can get more insight into this issue. I will get back to you via your ticket, and post updates in this thread as well so that other users can see.

Best Regards

We’ve started to getting the same error since last week, by using image ubuntu-2004:202101-01.

Creating workspace archive…
Uploading workspace archive…

Error uploading workspace archive: RequestError: send request failed
caused by: Put “”: dial tcp connect: no route to host

Hmm… it started working today for us. Hopefully, it will stay that way. :slight_smile:


We identified the issue in the connection between our VMs and s3 buckets. The problem has been fixed, and the error should no longer be happening.

Please let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions regarding this.

Best Regards

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