Steps with progress output stop running

We notice there are couple of issue related to the output on the pass two days but we want to expose our particular one. Our workflows take forever on the steps that print output related to progress. The first one we noticed was the build of webapack which we solved using webpack.ProgressPlugin. Now we are facing similar issue with docker push. We are trying to send the logs to a file to avoid the step to get stuck. But this may impact other jobs. Could you guys please advice.

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Hi, we’re experiencing the same issue. Thanks for finding out it was the progress bars. As a temporary workaround we switched our docker push and pull commands to

docker push <...> | cat

which stops the progress bars from being shown, and it appears to have resolved the workflow timeouts.

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We’ve opened an incident investigation internally to dig into this. Meanwhile @mreid1’s suggestion is a good workaround.

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