Speed up Python 3.5.1 builds


I am using Python 3.5.1 in my builds and have noticed that it takes some time (up to four minutes) for pyenv to set up Python 3.5.1 during each build. This step only takes a few seconds if I use Python 3.4.2.

Is there a way in which setting up Python 3.5.1 could be sped up? Perhaps the default build could include Python 3.5.1.

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I think you can set the language version in the circle.yml file
you can set it for php, so I assume you could do it that way. Hope that helps



more than 2:00 min just for downloading + installing python 3.5.1 (on every build)


Using Python 3.5.0 avoids the extra build time at the cost of not being in sync with my production environment. For now, living with the the extra 2-4 minutes of build time. Please fix!

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Agreed - this seems like something that should at least be cached, if not already on the build image. For a number of my builds, the longest part of the process (by an order of magnitude) is installing python 3.5.1


Hi, sorry for not responding to this thread for so long.

Can you try the following circle.yml. It’s not pre-installed but should be much faster than installing with pyenv.

    - wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/circle-downloads/circle-pyenv-python-3.5.1_1.0_amd64.deb
    - sudo dpkg -i circle-pyenv-python-3.5.1_1.0_amd64.deb

    version: 3.5.1

Please let me know if you have any questions.


To close the loop: this did the trick, thanks. It would be great to add that to the base image, but this is fine for now.

This worked for me as well! Can something similar be set up for Python 3.5.2 when it is released next week?

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This worked for me as well :slight_smile: Thanks!

Will be nice when we can just specify the Python version :smiley:

Up here! Can we have the same solution for Python 3.5.2?

Did you find? I’m looking for a same solution.

Would be nice to have for Python 2.7.12 as well.