Specified image is not supported: xcode:9.2.0

Hi, I tried to rerun iOS build and every run I get the error, but the initial run was fine.

Build-agent version 0.0.4666-05dad47 (2018-01-25T18:14:33+0000)
Creating a dedicated VM with xcode:9.2.0 image
Specified image is not supported: xcode:9.2.0
Specified image is not supported: xcode:9.2.0

++ Exactly same issue

how is the progress for this problem?
I have same issue too.

Can you please add Xcode 9.3 ASAP? It includes a new version of Swift. Now CircleCI can’t even compile our project due to outdated Swift version.

I don’t have any input into what goes into these images and when, but are you able to do this yourself? Circle supports using completely custom images.

How to do that?

Are you asking how to build Docker images or how to get Circle to use them? The latter is here:


The former is rather a large question, but the Docker documentation is excellent.

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