macOS Build Image Update: Xcode 9.0

Today we updated our Xcode 9.0 image with the just released Xcode 9.0 (build version 9A235).

You can use this image by specifying Xcode 9.0 in your circle.yml:

    version: "9.0"

The image currently only includes iOS 11 simulators. We are working on adding support for iOS 10 simulators.

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Please add iOS 10 simulators.
Can’t test on iOS 11 due to

@igor-makarov Thank you for your patience here. We have just finished rolling out the updated version of the image that includes iOS 10.3.1 simulators.


Has anyone noticed build times increase with Xcode 9.0? I did change from Swift 3.1 to Swift 4.0 and Xcode 9.0, but nothing else has really changed. With Xcode 8.3 my build was in the 3-4mins, but with Xcode 9.0 it’s more like 10-12mins. I don’t see anything like that on my local MacBook Pro, but maybe I’m missing something.

FYI I think the problem was that xcodebuild defaults to using bitcode now. That was causing things to be much slower than previously. In case anyone else sees this issue.

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Hello @alexey,

I can build my app with xcode 9 on circleci, but iTunes connect notify me that build was build with beta version of Xcode.

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Hi, not to nitpick but it seems that the iOS 10 sims are actually 10.3 and not 10.3.1 - which was confusing my CI setup… Am I wrong? Attached screenshot.

Apple has just made the GM build, 9A235, the official Xcode 9.0 build.

@fnazarios Could you please check if you can submit apps built on CircleCI to iTunes Connect now? It should work just fine now that 9A235 is the official 9.0 build.

With xcode: "9.0", brew doctor reports:

Warning: Your Xcode (9.0) is outdated.
Please update to Xcode 9.0.1 (or delete it).


Specifying xcode: "9.0.1" yields

Specified image is not supported: xcode:9.0.1

This page indicates that xcode: "9.0" should be 9.0.1:

Any thoughts? Thanks,