Sound output on device



Hi Folks,

After a while trying figuring out what was crashing my app, I could see that in the server there are no sound output (MacOs X env), There are a way to attach some device output even a simulator device output ?

I tried load coreaudio and start it, but seems not working, I am using xcode 8.3.2 and appium 1.6.5.


for future people that may can get it: I solved my problem of coreaudio stuff with these step:
I saw a github with this project here on github

And add it to:

- git clone
- cd BackgroundMusic; sudo xcodebuild -project BGMApp/BGMAppTests/NullAudio/AudioDriverExamples.xcodeproj -target NullAudio DSTROOT="/" install
- sudo launchctl kickstart -kp system/ || sudo killall coreaudiod

After that, my app that need a sound card output worked fine!


Thanks so much for posting the solution!