Xcode 15 - no video/audio playback in iOS simulator

We are upgrading our CI to use Xcode 15.2 / iOS 17 simulator with M1 medium. Previously we used Xcode 14.3.1 also with M1 medium . The main blocker is our UI tests failing due to video/audio playback not starting. From test recordings, I can see the video never gets shown but oddly there are no clues in the logs, no obvious errors occurring. The app keeps running, silently failing.

At this point, we are not sure if these problems are caused by the Xcode / iOS update or Sonoma. Everything works locally when using the same Xcode / OS versions.

Interestingly we had a very similar problem with audio playback on Intel runners in the past. There is a blog post about that – “Fixing audio/video UI tests on your CI/CD”. However that went away when we switched to M1, and the workaround doesn’t solve the problem we have now.

Curious if anyone else has encountered this?