Slow artefact download from Germany

I’m trying to download a build artifact from… and it is deadly slow whereas a speed test at the same time gives me 140 Mbps download throughput.

I’m trying to download the artifacts from Germany near Stuttgart.

Hi @indigo423, thanks for writing in to the CircleCI Community!

Our artifacts are stored in S3 in US-East, so depending on your location, you may experience a varying level of network speeds. I suggest keeping note of whether this has been occurring more frequently, or if there is a time of day that is significantly slower.

Do let us know if the above suggestions work for you, or if you have any additional questions.

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HI @angelisa I’m experiencing the same problem from Europe. Our internet speed is pretty fast.


It seems like this is an provider related issue, I’ve digged a little bit deeper. My current speed test is ok

Whereas the artefact download from CircleCI is somewhere at 19,8 KB/sec:
Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 11.47.33

I’ve compared are tracepath from the resolved S3 IP with mtr and gives me this result like this:

I’ve went to a server on my hosting provider here in Germany and did the same thing, the result looks much better, and I can download the artefacts from this server with a reasonable speed.

It looks like if your internet access crosses AS6453 you might have issues.


I had to help myself with a VPN tunnelling my traffic through a different ISP which doesn’t use Deutsche Telekom and crosses AS6453. It is much better now:

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 16.57.07

Hi @indigo423 thank you for sharing this information!

@angelisa You’re welcome, as far I can see there is not much you can do from your side. It’s an ISP <-> Amazon S3 routing issue :frowning:

We also have a feature request related to this: AWS Europe Region, which I recommend you vote and comment on for our PM’s to review.

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There are similar reports affecting GitHub Slow Downloads Telekom/Germany - #8 by ddingel - GitHub Help - GitHub Support Community. The problem seems to be confirmed by Deutsche Telekom with capacity issues handing over internet traffic.

Seems like the problem is addressed and routing has changed. The problem seems to be fixed for me.