Skip Build on Modified Tag



I have a GitHub release workflow that we end up doing a commit and tag modification (pointing tag to new commit). The commit I am able to skip the build on with ‘[skip ci]’, but I haven’t been able to skip build after pushing the modified tag. I tried adding ‘[skip ci]’ to the tag with no luck. Is there any other way to skip building in this case, or perhaps a way to differentiate between a tag pushed from GitHub (Releases page) vs a tag pushed from CircleCI?


I’ve got the exact same situation here! Have you solved this issue?

As I read the documentation it should be supported, but creating a tag with [skip ci] as the tag description doesn’t work. So either it’s a bug or the documentation should describe how to create such a tag. Added a related issue for the circle-ci-docs: Add example: Skip a Git tag.


Turns out skipping builds based on a tag description was never (and still isn’t) supported. The documentation on this part was incorrect.

See the issue for more details.


I’ve created a feature request for this:
Please vote if you still think this feature is worth adding.

Also I created another feature request that allows for more advanced skipping of builds:
Please vote if you think this feature is also worth adding.