Segfault with circleci/node:latest

I’v experienced Segmentation fault (core dumped) with circleci/node:latest.

latest: Pulling from circleci/node
Digest: sha256:6b03137a29543437654b8a130975ac4af686e3e5123b5d1d1023faf16145fa1a

At least the image blow works.

latest: Pulling from circleci/node
Digest: sha256:3e0bc35d9d461446dddcc446d07aba6d909f6e6d85c3f6905785e324acb7ef0f

I’m not sure the cause is in our script nor the image, just let you know.
I changed the image to circleci/node:12.1.0 and it works for me.

:latest is always a moving target. Right now it points to Node.js v.12.2.0. Does your app work with that version of Node.js?

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I tested the build with circleci/node@sha256:c61464e218e838ae62cec7ad0af5694d4e94778fb5e05e281cee399e76155979

It causes Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I meant locally.

I meant locally.

Well, I’ll try when I have a time.