Schedule Maven command, email results - why can't I find something that is simple in Jenkins?

I am new to Circle CI, and honestly I don’t like it. For all the problems it solves, there is not a body of knowledge out there on how to do things. I’ve been searching for hours on something that I can setup in 1 min in Jenkins. I want to do 1 very simple thing and want a same config.yml file for it.

  1. Run a scheduled maven command
  2. email the results of that maven process

I’m lost on workflows, syntax…can you just give me a simple UI like Jenkins with well-known plugins?

Will not be recommending this product to any future employers. The gains are not worth the struggle.

Any CI takes some work (and patience) to grok, and IMO it is a mistake to expect to be productive in a new ecosystem within minutes.

I should think that if I switched to (self-hosted) Jenkins right this minute, it would take me some days just to get a running system, and then extra time on top to also have a CI workflow for a specific project. The gains would not be worth the struggle :joy_cat:.

Thanks for this feedback.

The core CircleCI product will likely never have a UI like this. A lot of the design philosophy is to keep everying as “configuration as code”. This is why everything lives as a yaml configuration file. There are certainly tradeoffs with this approach but it was a design decision made a long time ago.

As far as your specific problem, we’d be happy to help you get your configuration working if you share what you have so far.

If you just needed a place to voice your concerns, then that is fine too :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

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