Scala SBT project build failure using circle.yml file

Hi! I am trying to build Scala SBT project with circle.yml file.

Failure message:

bash: line 1: machine:: command not found

machine: returned exit code 127

Action failed: machine:


    version: oraclejdk8
    SBT_VERSION: 0.13.8
    SBT_OPTS: "-Xms512M -Xmx1024M -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled"
    - "~/.sbt"
    - wget --output-document=$HOME/bin/sbt-launch.jar"$SBT_VERSION"/sbt-launch.jar
    - echo "java $SBT_OPTS -jar \`dirname \$0\`/sbt-launch.jar \"\$@\"" > $HOME/bin/sbt
    - chmod u+x $HOME/bin/sbt
    - which sbt
    - sbt sbt-version

I also tried with different configs, but all are failing with same failure message. Any ideas what is wrong?

To be more precise, failure message comes after sbt sbt-version command which is executed successful.

Is it trying to execute command machine:? How is that possible?

Thanks in advance!

It looks like it might be trying to run circle.yml as part of the test command?

I locted which may help. is also an example of a SBT build that passes, it looks like the test section is overrode here as well.

I added test section to circle.yml file and it failed with same failure message. Then I replaced the original with this one and compilation still failed with same message.

Is it possible get exact command script from ci container?