Build Failure Due After Using A Newer Image

I switched from ubuntu-2004:202201-02 to ubuntu-2204:2024.01.1 (also tried default).
After switching the maven build started to fail with this error.

[e[1;31mERRORe[m] error: scala.reflect.internal.FatalError: Error accessing /home/circleci/.m2/repository/org/scalactic/scalactic_2.12/3.2.4/scalactic_2.12-3.2.4.jar
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] 	at$anonfun$list$3(AggregateClassPath.scala:113)
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] 	at scala.collection.Iterator.foreach(Iterator.scala:943)
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] 	at scala.collection.Iterator.foreach$(Iterator.scala:943)

If I revert back to the previous image my build is successful, is there anything that has changed between these images or does any new configuration have to be altered?

@rit1010 Can you help me out on this


I think you are the first person to ever make a direct request…

With the current removal of the older Linux images all I can do is make a guess as I can not do a test.

There is a good chance that the default working directory has changed between images as it is now /home/circleci/project and I’m sure that last time I looked at an issue it was /home/circleci and that is the value in your posted error.

So things are failing as your maven build is likely to have some hardcoded paths based on the old default.

I checked that but the working directory is not the issue, definitely some other issue either with my build script or from the image.