Runs are ~2 times slower during the weekend, why?

At Material-UI, we have noticed that runs have been at least x2 slower during the weekend for the last 4 weeks than during the working days. Any idea why? I may add the issue happens too during the working days but it’s not as frequent (maybe 1/3 of the time, when it’s >2/3 during the weekend).


Yeah I’m having a similar problem too. Though for me it seems more like x3 as slow.

Also having the same problem… I tried to re run jobs from the weekday, and the exact same code base / configuration runs 2-3 times as slow…

Same here.

Glad I’m not the only one that noticed this.

I have a pipeline that has consistently been 5 minutes +/- 10% up until recently. I’m now getting consistent 11-13+ minute runs and no one step seems to be to blame, they have all increased. While digging into it, I also noticed the build agents reved to 1.0.52936 recently, but the performance drop happened after this and the agent update doesn’t look directly connected, timewise.

We’ve also noticed crazy build variance – starting last week. It’s most noticeable in our remote Docker jobs but also in regular Docker too.

I noticed a few of the more recent comments in this thread were from about 4 days ago. I wanted to briefly address those specifically. We are still investigating the full details and root causes, but we did have some issues over the weekend that you can read more about on our status page here and here. Those events could have caused some reduced performance like you saw.

Thank you everyone for letting us know.

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