Speed of machines

Good morning,

We’ve noticed some builds are way slower than others, and it’s quite binary and quite stable. Here’s a screenshot with a bunch of builds, slow ones highlighted.

These slow builds are slower in general, but much more so when “restoring the cache”:



Fast builds always show Restore cache times of <30s, slow builds always show Restore cache times of >3m30s.

We can’t do much about the amount of data we cache between builds, this is an integration suite that checks three different rails apps and boots them up.

Seems like it all has to do with different machines running these builds, like there’s a really fast machine and a really slow one. If it was just related to contention I think these numbers would be less stable.

Is this expected? Anyone else having a similar experience?


Yeah it’s pretty much random. Half the time we’ll see 3 minute restores on some of our bigger projects, half the time it’s like 30s same as you.

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We’ve been talking about this on another topic as well: Slow “restoring source cache”: 30s; sometimes 2m

No response from anyone at CircleCI though :\

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