Running script that requires a license key that's linked to the processor id - Is it possible to fake the cpu id?

We’re trying to run an IDE headless (Simiplicity studio v4) that uses a licensed compiler (keil). However the license key is linked to the cpu id, so when it runs in a new container, it fails because of an invalid license.

In theory we can request a license each time (they’re free), however, it’s a process that goes via email. So we’d prefer not to.

I was wondering if there was a way to set the cpu id?

Alternatively, has anyone came across this type of problem before and have a working solution?

Thanks in advance

I would suggest getting in touch with the developers. As long as you have a valid license, they have a responsibility to get it to work for you (or risk losing your long-term business).

Is it possible to use another compiler? I don’t know Keil, and I do not know if this is proprietary.

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