Running commands inside the docker windows container

I have a windows docker with all the software versions I need. On my computer I can run in powershwll:
$docker run -it myuser/mycontainer
and then I can work interactively on the container.

In CircleCI the powershell is not enabled to work interactively. The “-it” option does not work in the docker run command. What I was able to do was to include a script inside my container that runs when the container is executed in CircleCI. But this makes the modifications/updates dependent on re-generating the container.

The question is: Can I run the docker run command with any options that allow me to execute more commands within the CircleCI .yml file?

What I tried and it didn’t work is:
- run: |
docker run myuser/mycontainer
echo “This command run in the container.”
echo “This command is no longer executed in the container.It runs on the host.”

Are you just looking to try and mess around with commands on the remote machine? You should be able to ssh into the container and run docker interactively as you would locally.