Inputtin Y/N for a bash prompt

I am running a bash script to build a docker container inside circleci execution. I want to enter the letters ‘y’ or ‘n’ to proceed further, how can i do that?

If you are working in bash it can be as simple as

echo "Y" | command

You may get quicker replies for general Linux questions if you use a site like StackExchange/StackOverflow. They have a more advanced ‘natural’ language search engine that can often find an answer from their database and a far larger community of users to provide a quicker reply. As these forums are focussed on just CircleCI tooling there are fewer people around who can reply.

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yes i had seen this, but the issue is i am not able to enter into the bash of a container in circle ci.

I’m not sure what you mean.

If you are building a docker container you are likely to be using a Dockerfile that uses the ‘RUN’ command to execute bash commands to build the contents of the container. So changing the command so that a “Y” is provided can be done by changing the ‘RUN’ command.

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So the main issue I am facing now is, even though adding the echo command before the bash command works locally and i get the output, but on circleci although it executes properly, there is no output. I wish i could upload an image for more clarity but being a new user i cannot do that.

the command I am using for simple testing to see if it works :
“echo ls | docker exec -i bash” . This command works perfectly fine locally and as output i get all the contents of the container, but on circleci i do not get any output. It just says :
#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
echo ls | docker exec -i bash

CircleCI received exit code 0

Could you try providing the full job config?

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As KyleTryon has already requested can you provide your circleci job.

In your example you are using docker exec, but that needs a container name

Below is a quick (and very simple) test job that I have created which executes a ‘docker run’ instead of exec and it does return an ls list, so your exact configuration will matter.

version: 2.1

      image: ubuntu-2004:current
    resource_class: medium

    executor: hosted_node
      - run:
          name: do an ls inside a container
          command: |
                   echo ls | docker run -i bash

      - build 
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The canonical way to do this is to use the yes program, as in yes | your_bash_script_here. See man yes for details.
But as other have mentioned here, it’s really hard to help you without more details.

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