Run CircleCI tests on an external staging environment

We’re trying to setup a dev workflow with CircleCI + Cypress, and we were wondering if it would be possible to run the tests on an external environment (a staging copy of our production website) instead of setting up Docker + a dummy database. Our current database is +2Gb, and our Cypress tests need to run on an up to date environment in order to work, since we have data that expires. Updating this database every time we run a build / test on CircleCI would be painful. For context, our staging environment is on CloudWays on a AWS instance, and can pull code from our Bitbucket repo.

Any tips on how we can make this work would be great!

Hi @diegoliv, welcome to the CircleCI Community! You can use the CircleCI CLI to run a job in a container on your local machine by running circleci local execute --job JOB_NAME, would this work for you? Please note if you have a 2.1 configuration, you will need to run additional steps to process your configuration in order to run.

Hi, @angelisa! Thanks for the response. I’m aware that you can run it locally. But for our use case, we have a big amount of data that can change everyday, and most of the time the local environment is not up-to-date with our staging environment. That’s why we though that the best scenario would be running CircleCI directly on a staging environment, because this way we’re 100% sure that we’re running our tests on the most up-to-date data. And this is important because a lot of data can expire every day. Do you think that this is possible?