Rspec output dots go off screen (no newlines) or newlines are inserted each 5 tests

When I open console output for Rspec tests it’s output keeps going to newline each 5 tests (dots).
If you open finished build or build that was running for some time, tests that already passed are all gathered on a single line, then new tests that are in progress keep appearing on a new line. Here is how it looks.

This makes it really hard to keep an eye on running tests. We use normal command to run tests. it’s not happening locally (no newlines hidden in test suite output).
bundle exec rspec --format progress --format RspecJunitFormatter -o ~/rspec/rspec.xml

I’ve tried disabling Elastic and it behaves the same. This did not happen before redesign. I’ve seen other screenshots on this forum that display similar behavior. Example

Is there anything that can be done to make it look more naturally as it looks in console? All on one line with overflow going on next line?

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@trizes Hey, have you found a solution by now?

Unfortunately no. We’ve switched to Github actions due to unrelated reasons since then and don’t have this problem anymore.

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