Test Summary incorrect number of tests for rspec

The test summary for the rspec tests is showing double the number of test cases run and failed. Any idea what’s going on?

the total tests in this case were 181 with 3 failures but this is what the test summary returns.

Your build ran 362 tests with 6 failures

at the bottom of the rspec.xml (test output)

181 examples, 3 failures, 65 pending


–require spec_helper
–format progress
–format RspecJunitFormatter
-o $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS/rspec/rspec.xml

Are your builds running from inference, or did you set circle.yml to run a specific rspec command? It could be you have 2 containers that are each running your full test suite. Is that the case?

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I’m not sure how but it got fixed on it’s own. they’re running from inference. the strange thing was that the rspec.xml was correct (data only once).

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