Reusing configuration: executor type not supported


I recently carefully read the “Reusing Configuration” section in the 2.1 release and got really excited to try it out.

I started using the executor and commands concept on a side project before I planned introducing it at work on Monday. I added a PR on a side project here.

I define executors as

      - image: circleci/node:8
    working_directory: *working_directory

To then later use them as

executor: node_8

Sadly I see the error on the CircleCI run "* “node_8” is not a supported executor type. The supported executor types are “machine”, “docker”, “macos”. The build run can be found here.

I hope somebody can help me out cause I am really stuck to spot a potential error. I’ve gone over the documentation about 8-10 times by now and can’t see what could have gone wrong.

Thanks and kind regards,

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Hmm, I vaguely recall seeing a report here that the system does not like underscores. Try renaming this to “node8”?

Same here, executors feature of 2.1 does not work at all:

I tryed a different name and removed old image references without success.

Did either of you turn on “Enable build processing (preview)” in your Advanced Settings?

Sorry, that solved it for me. Sorry, wasn’t aware of that. Thanks!

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