Retrieving pull request title

I would like to be able to retrieve the pull request title from my env when a build starts.
I have many variable environments available such as CI_PULL_REQUEST, CIRCLE_PR_USERNAME
but no trace of CIRCLE_PR_TITLE or something like that.
I believe it is possible to retrieve it as other services such as PivotalTracker, Jira, Trello… are based on that title to move their cards (for Jira you would use [XX-XX] in the PR title for example).
How can I do that? Thank you


This is a great idea! I’ve opened a feature request here: Expose the title and upstream branch of a Pull Request build as an env

Please :heart: the post to show your support as that is how the CircleCi product team prioritizes requests.

Not to disrupt from the original point, as a side-note you can work around this by using Danger which automates getting a lot of that kind of metadata

Is this something you’re going to implement?

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+1 for interest on this feature.

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