CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER missing from environment variables



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I notice my builds from a branch within a PR does not contain the environment variable CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER.

It does contain CI_PULL_REUQEST, which contains the link to the PR. I am currently parsing this to get the PR number for my automated CI testing deployments ( - which is less than ideal.

My flow:

  • Push branch to the remote
  • Push triggers the CI
  • Open pull request
    – Unfortunately the build has already ran from the push, so it’s unlikely it has a PR context since the PR is opened after the push
  • Push another commit to the branch that is now part of a PR
  • Now the CI_PULL_REQUEST shows up, but not the CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER

How do I get CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER to show up?

And ideally I’d like to see a build start when the PR is opened too, but from research, that does not appear to be supported.


Same question. +1


Same question here also +1


Not really a solution, but as a stop-gap, I’ve added the following to my environments:

  name: Set PR number
  command: |
      source $BASH_ENV
      echo $CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER

The format "${A:-$B}" means "$A" if available, "$B", otherwise. And "${B##*/}" removes everything up to and including the final slash from "$B". Thus, if they re-add the more authoritative CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER, I’ll use it over my parsed guess.

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