Rerun workflow from failed run only failure tests

I would like reduce duration of deploy by when clicking on “rerun workflow from failed” it will not run all tests again but only failed test.

How I can implement it?

This is something you would have to manage/track within your test code as CircleCI has no way to track the detail needed to automate a partial rerun.

One complication that someone else may have an answer for is that I do not know if CircleCI provides any indication that a job is being rerun rather than just run. The limited amount of work I have done regarding job rerunning has been based on the fact that all my jobs have a unique tag and so my scripts can make use of this as an ID.

@hagi.cohen Re-run failed tests only (preview) - CircleCI

thank you, I already implanted it by myself, clicking on rerun workflow from failed I check automatically if last test failed and run only class failed.

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