Requesting Feedback and Testers for the PHP Convenience Image

EDIT: Thank you everyone for testing this image for us. These images will now be pulled down and the same functionality being tested here will be available on the standard image tags

Hi Everyone,

A much requested feature for the PHP Convenience image was the ability to add, install, enable Core extensions, which the circleci/php image had, but was lost in cimg/php

With that said, we would love to get some feedback as well as some testing done against that same functionality during this phase under the test images:

  • cimg/php:7.4.29-ext-test
  • cimg/php:8.0.19-ext-test
  • cimg/php:8.1.5-ext-test

Docker Hub

Specific commands are the same ones as the php team’s docker-php-ext-* suite and the inclusion of mlocati’s install-php-extensions script, which have both been modified for CircleCI’s use-case

We would love to know whether these commands, in addition to pecl will cover off on the needs for you and your use cases as developers, and whether there may potentially be compatibility issues given the adjustments that were made. Please feel free to comment either here on this post or in this specific Github issue

A couple of example commands:

sudo -E install-php-extensions xsl xdebug the -E flag will need to be used in certain cases where environment variables need to be preserved, namely the PHP_INI_DIR where certain packages may use

install-php-extensions wraps and uses the following commands, but you may also use/test them separately

sudo docker-php-source extract
sudo docker-php-ext-install iconv
sudo -E docker-php-ext-enable iconv