Request of CircleCI api from GAS returns an incorrectly formatted return

I want to make a integration CircleCI and GAS.
I wrote a GAS code that getting a CircleCI job history via CircleCI API and wrote the result to a cell of the spreadsheet.
like below.

function myFunction() {
  var url = ""
  var request = {
    'url': url,
    'method' : 'get'
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetchAll([request])[0];
  var content = response.getContentText();
  var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  sheet.getRange(1, 1).setValue(content)

I expected to get a right format json string.
But I got a incorrect format.

It’s a strange format, but the information itself looks right.
Under what conditions will the response of such a format change?

({:committer_name "xxxx", :why "github", :parallel 1, :committer_email "", :vcs_tag nil, :username "foo", :start_time #joda/inst "2020-02-21T04:41:51.683Z", :build_num 4689, :stop_time #joda/inst "2020-02-21T04:45:55.029Z", :author_date "2020-02-21T04:32:39.000Z", :dont-build nil, :build_time_millis 243346, :outcome :success, :lifecycle :finished, :workflows {:job-name "test", :job-id "b6239cad-7da8-4215-b247-8751ccbae84f", :workflow-id "13da5595-ded6-477e-8b6f-3b4572544bd8", :workspace-id "13da5595-ded6-477e-8b6f-3b4572544bd8", :upstream-job-ids ["2bf6b770-00ae-4089-803e-32f8d89d163e"], :upstream-concurrency-map {}, :workflow-name "test-only"}, :vcs_revision "4f4d6ca979b5c31b8318dc54484015a264c84347", :build_url "", :pull_requests ({:head_sha "4f4d6ca979b5c31b8318dc54484015a264c84347", :url ""}), :fleet :picard, :vcs_url "", :status :success, :author_name "xxxxxx", :author_email "", :queued-at #joda/inst "2020-02-21T04:41:47.829Z", :committer_date "2020-02-21T04:32:39.000Z", :branch "feature/xxxxx", :reponame "bar", :body "", :user {:is-user true, :login "xxxx", :avatar-url "", :name "xxxxx", :vcs-type :github, :id xxxxl}, :subject "fix indent", :platform "2.0", :usage-queued-at #joda/inst "2020-02-21T04:41:47.780Z"})