Reading CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM from cmd.exe shell

I am new to CircleCI, having mainly used TFS and Jenkins for previous work, and am having difficulty reading the built-in environment variables, such as CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM.

I would like to pass this in a command as an argument to MSBuild, but everything I have tried doesn’t seem to work ?

version: 2.1

win: circleci/windows@2.4.1

name: win/default
size: “medium”
shell: cmd.exe
- checkout
- run:
name: Run build
command: |
msbuild CircleBuild.proj /p:Revision=$CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM /maxcpucount:1 /target:FullBuild /fl1 /fl2 /fl3

I’ve tried $CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM, ${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM} but this just results in the literal value being passed rather than the actual number of the build

Is there an example I can look at somewhere, it seems there is very little in the way of examples for windows builds to be found

Hi @MirageMike. Welcome to the CircleCI Discuss community!

When using the Command Prompt (shell: cmd.exe), the correct syntax is: %*variable_name*%.

So in your case: %CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM%

- run:
    name: Run build
    command: |
        msbuild CircleBuild.proj /p:Revision=%CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM% /maxcpucount:1 /target:FullBuild /fl1 /fl2 /fl3
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that did the trick thanks - would be great if an example for it was on the main docs page for these

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