Read or access CircleCI API POST request body or headers

Is it possible to somehow access the body of a POST request that triggered CircleCI build?

I would like to create the functionality to restart a failed Pull Request build by creating a comment in the PR section e.g. “/rerun” but I am not sure how to achieve this.

I don’t know, but you could always make a new call to GitHub/Bitbucket using their APIs to do what you want. You’d have to ensure that Circle and the VCS host do not enter an infinite build loop though.

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You could probably scrape the data out of the web hooks page payload details on GitHub. The only way to re-trigger a job is via either a new commit, or requesting one via UI or API. There is no way to resend, or send a new web hook manually.

I used Github actions which allow me to see the body of the trigger and send the needed data to the CircleCI as a environment variables.

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