React-native-firebase RNFirebaseAuth.m compilation issue

During build process below error.

▸ Compiling RNFirebaseAuth.m /Users/distiller/hellocrowd/node_modules/react-native-firebase/ios/RNFirebase/auth/RNFirebaseAuth.m:1184:36: no known class method for selector ‘credentialWithProviderID:IDToken:rawNonce:’ credential = [FIROAuthProvider credentialWithProviderID:@“” IDToken:authToken rawNonce:authTokenSecret];

It’s working locally in machine with no error.

react-native-firebase: 5.5.6
In pod file: pod ‘Firebase/Auth’, ‘~> 6.10.0’

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same with me, but I forced my pod according to

So mine is like that
pod ‘Firebase/Auth’, ‘~> 6.2.0’

And my react is 0.61.3