Rails Bundler error on all builds

Hey guys I am trying to setup CIrcleCI for our testing needs, etc. Every time we push new code to out repos the build auto fails while trying to bundle our gems.

Rails: 4.0.13
ruby: 2.2.1

we do not have these issues on our local environments nor our production servers.

This is the error response we get:

“An error occurred while installing therubyracer (0.12.2), and Bundler cannot

does anyone know how we can solve this? maybe removing therubyracer from the gemfile.lock?

Hi you can try below to get rid of this :

  1. remove user-specific gems and git repo
    rm -rf ~/.bundle/ ~/.gem/bundler/ ~/.gems/cache/bundler/

  2. remove system-wide git repos and git checkouts
    rm -rf $GEM_HOME/bundler/ $GEM_HOME/cache/bundler/

3)remove project-specific settings
rm -rf .bundle/

4)remove project-specific cached gems and repos
rm -rf vendor/cache/

5)remove the saved resolve of the Gemfile
rm -rf Gemfile.lock

6)uninstall the rubygems-bundler and open_gem gems
rvm gemset use global # if using rvm
gem uninstall rubygems-bundler open_gem

  1. try to install one more time
    bundle install


It would be great to see the more complete error message. Is it possible to see the full stack trace and / or any other debugging information Bundler provides?