Bundler consistently failing

We use bundler to install dependencies for our iOS build (namely fastlane). Over the past 24 hours, our builds have been consistently failing during bundle install because of what appears to be a timeout error in fetching gems. I have updated our dependencies and committed a new Gemfile.lock with no change. SSH’ing into the build to run bundle install works without a problem.

Experienced the same, very blocking.

Have you created a support ticket?

Getting the same issue FYI

I have not created a support ticket yet.

@scottrhoyt @LukeDurrant @sarunw Are you still experiencing this issue? Could you please reach out to support@circleci.com?

No, its working regularly for us now. But between this and the sporadic status 65 failures, it really helped contribute to a massive overage in build minutes for the last month for us. It would be nice to see these minutes deducted.

@scottrhoyt Sorry to hear about that, could you please reach out to support@circleci.com?