Rails Bundle command missing - was working

Anyone else having issues with bundle missing from the build image?

I know this was a problem with with bundler a while back, but I thought it was fixed. My builds were working with the same configuration settings just last month.

Here is the command I’m running:

#!/bin/bash --login sed -i.bak “/gem [’”]growl_notify|autotest-fsevent|rb-appscript|rb-fsevent[’"].*, *$/ N; s/\n *//g; /gem [’"]growl_notify|autotest-fsevent|rb-appscript|rb-fsevent[’"]/ d" Gemfile bundle check --path=vendor/bundle || bundle install --path=vendor/bundle --jobs=4 --retry=3

/bin/bash: line 1: bundle: command not found /bin/bash: line 1: bundle: command not found Exited with code 127

We started having the same problem this morning. Builds that passed yesterday are failing today, and with the same error that you are seeing:

bundle check --path=vendor/bundle || bundle install --path=vendor/bundle --jobs=4 --retry=3
/bin/bash: bundle: command not found
Exited with code 127

Our build image is ubuntu-14.04-XXL-upstart-1189-5614f37. This is the same build image we’ve been using since we upgraded to CircleCI 2.0 using the 1.0 to 2.0 conversion API. The image understood the “bundle” command yesterday but cannot find it today.

This all appears to be related to an update to bundler.


I would recommend highly moving off of the ubuntu-14.04-XXL-upstart-1189-5614f37 image as it is very slow. If you are using Ruby, take a look at one of the many and more efficient Ruby specific images. https://hub.docker.com/r/circleci/ruby/tags
This will also cut your spinup time nearly in half.

The change to bundler may still cause issues for you, especially if you are using an older version of Ruby.

Please try to update RubyGems gem update --system and then upgrade Bundler bundle update --bundler prior to your bundle install. Lockfiles will still specify to use bundler v1 or v2.

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