Bundler missing from Ubuntu 14 environment



The bundler gem is missing from the global gemset, so bundler-dependent apps (ie Rails) fail to build using the Ubuntu 14 environment, which is now selected by default for new projects. Manually changing the build environment to Ubuntu 12 resolves the issue.


This is not true.

The Ubuntu 14.04 build image, which is the default, currently has Bundler version v1.14.6. You can see this near the end of the test phase in this example build: https://circleci.com/gh/felicianotech/cci-testing-pub/473

There’s something else occurring here that is causing this problem. Any snippets of your circle.yml file or your Gemfile that you can provide might help in figuring out the issue.


The build failed both with and without a circle.yml file (my circle.yml only contains heroku deployment instructions). I’ve attached the failure, my circle.yml, and a snippet of my gemfile. I’ve also just re-tested using the 14.04 environment, and am still getting the same failure, while the 12.04 environment passes.

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Gemfile snippet (fresh Rails 5.1.1 app)


In case its helpful, here’s the npm install section as well, which looks nearly identical to the npm install section on the 12.04 environment

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