R tests run very slowly (10x slower than locally)

The tests in my R package used to be noticeably faster than running them on Travis-CI and pretty much as fast as on my local machine. However, recently they are much, much slower (around 10x slower).


For example, devtools::test(filter = "age_pension") took 181.4 s whereas locally it takes 1.4s.

Has anything changed since December (when the entire test suite finished in 2:08 minutes).

Could you try switching to the Machine executor in a new branch, to see if that helps? I think some new CPUs went in recently, and they were meant to be faster :sunglasses:.

Thanks for the suggestion. How do I do that? I’ve set machine: true but I’m not sure how to run the docker container thereafter.

Ah, if you need Docker anyway, then install Docker in the usual way as you would on a VPS, and then use docker run as normal.

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