Pull Requests builds use forked repo config file

When I open a PR the forked repo triggers a build CircleCI.

The problem is that the build triggered runs on my CircleCI project using the config file on the forked repo, which leads to errors on the builds, once the machine is configured differently and have different environment vars.

I noticed that if I disable my project then the builds triggered by the forked repo runs on their own CircleCI project.

Could somebody please help me on this? Maybe it is a setting that I am missing?

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I still have this issue with CircleCI 2.0 builds.

Before I disabled the CircleCI project for my fork, the build is only run in the CircleCI project for the fork.


After I disabled the CircleCI project for my fork, the build is run in the parent repository, as expected.


Whether a CircleCI project exists for a fork should not affect the pull request builds on the parent repository.

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