Pull request on bitbucket, An internal server error occurred

This pull request is not a fork pull request.

Why,When making a pull request at bitbucket,

Response body
  "message": "An internal server error occurred."

But,When doing push at bitbucket,
Response body

Event repo:push successfully submitted
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What endpoint is giving you that JSON error? Is that a CircleCI or a BitBucket endpoint?

JSON error from the CircleCI endpoint.

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How can a reader replicate what you are getting? Please be more descriptive.

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The bitbucket repository belongs to the group and the repository is private.
CircleCI Webhook is created in bitbucket when you add project in circle ci.
In the CircleCI Webhook settings, save the Enable request history collection and make a pull request, you can check it from View details of CircleCI Webhook View requests.

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