Bitbucket webhook error 500


showing error 500 with fresh integrated bitbucket branch


Also for me, whenever i push to my bitbucket repos they do not build…


Also for me.


  "message": "An internal server error occurred."


when is your case started to happen? i am not sure is it already happened for a while or just temporated case


i got the error an hour ago. but it worked 14 hours ago.


seem i am so unlucky with my first attempt on circle ci


is this kind of error happen a lot?


This started happening to me yesterday as well. The interesting thing is that it only happens if I push my commit with a tag on it (tag is like “v1.0.20”). If I don’t push a tag, then it triggers a build just fine. I use bitbucket as well, and the response to the webhook is also
“message”: “An internal server error occurred.”

CircleCI folks - I hope you can troubleshoot the problem. If it helps, my
x-circleci-request-id 40313a1a-5dc5-4b25-9bf6-36312d5ba6ee

on Thursday, October 20th 2016, 2:49:46 pm EST

and some of the webhook request headers are:
X-Request-UUID 6430362c-9c51-4122-8468-ddde390e0d0f
X-Event-Key repo:push
User-Agent Bitbucket-Webhooks/2.0
X-Attempt-Number 1

Webhooks time out from Bitbucket

Hey, I am now getting this error. Has anybody found any solutions?