Publish test results to AWS S3 static web

here is my circleci/config.yml

after the test is completed
when I go to the s3 web site
it’s empty

Java Maven CircleCI 2.0 configuration file

Check Language Guide: Java - CircleCI for more details

version: 2.1
- image: circleci/openjdk:8u171-jdk-browsers
working_directory: ~/repo

  - checkout

  # Download cached dependencies
  - restore_cache:
        - v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "pom.xml" }}
        # fallback to using the latest cache if no exact match is found
        - v1-dependencies-

  - run: mvn verify

  - save_cache:
        - ~/.m2
      key: v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "pom.xml" }}

  - store_test_results:
      path: target

  # host latest report in AWS S3
  - aws-s3/copy:
      arguments: '--recursive --acl public-read-write'
      from: target/site/serenity
      to: 's3://serenitybdd'

  # notify via slack
  # - slack/status:
  #     fail_only: false
  #     failure_message: "see latest report:"
  #     webhook: $SLACK_HOOK

slack: circleci/slack@3.4.2
aws-s3: circleci/aws-s3@2.0.0

version: 2
- integrationtest


Would it be possible to confirm if you have set your environmental variables for your project to be able to authenticate with AWS?

If you have not this can be done by going to Project > Project Settings > Environmental Variables and then adding the required variables as defined on the Orb page linked here: CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/aws-s3

We would recommend adding an ls command to your build before the aws-s3/copy command is run to make sure that there are files within the folder you have specified: from: target/site/serenity. If there are no files to send there be no data received.

You can also rerun a build with SSH to check if their files have been added to the folder as you would expect, we would recommend running: ls target/site/serenity to make sure that there is a file to send.

If you need any more help you can raise a ticket with our support team