Promoting DEV build to PROD

Hi guys,

I’m new to circle-ci and just had a couple of questions:

  1. What is the best way to set Dev -> Prod promotion. That is, after a dev change has been successfully built and deployed into the dev environment, I would like to move that exact package into a prod environment. I do have a bash script that can do this just wondering if there is something within circl-ci to execute this script and “promote” the build.

  2. Continuing on with the above, is there a way to restrict who has access to “promote to prod” would only like certain team mates to be able to execute this command

Thanks in advance!

I think the best way to accomplish this today is to use a manual approval workflow. For now, there are no restrictions for the user outside of the regular restrictions (i.e. only people with write access to the repo can push code).