Production deployment


On our project, we have a pipeline which runs units, integrations, acceptance tests followed by a deployment in staging if successful.

we are planing to also include a production deployment, but for the moment, sometime, we still need to perform manual validations in staging before wanting to kickoff the deployment in prod.

is there a way to have the build stand by between step, and start it back with some kind of hook, api call when the conditions are fulfilled?

another purpose for that would be to run test externally on AWS Device Farm and send back a response to circle once it s done.

How would you proceed in that case?

Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever sort this out, I am working on a similar process. Thanks!

For the manual trigger i manage to write a script that call circleci api with injected parameters that are validated in my yaml file.

For external third parties, circleCi doesn t seem open to the idea.

Hello @maximchouinard, @bytedissident,

You can schedule a build whenever you like via our REST API,
for more specific needs see our docs for parameterized builds.

If there is a functionality you feel we are missing, please open a feature request.

We appreciate any and all feedback!

We were to adopt the solution but it has a major inconvenient: when looking to your master history you don’t know which feature are in the production and which aren’t. This is different from when you have a commit with version.

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