Projects page doesn't show any of the org projects on CircleCI


I think this sequence of screenshots will do most of the explaining. The first screenshot shows the issue: the Projects page doesn’t list anything. The second screenshot is after I hit the “Add Project” button. The page shows projects that have already been added, including the first one which is part of the “StreakYC” org I was just viewing in the projects page. The third screenshot is after I clicked its link to show that it’s part of the “StreakYC” org.

The Projects page has an org-picker at the top left. If I pick my personal account from that list, it correctly shows the projects added from my own account. The buttons for the two orgs I’m in both lead to an incorrect “$org has no projects building on CircleCI” page.


Thank you - same issue here, for the GSA org.


Not sure if it’s the same issue for me. One user can see the projects on the org, another cannot, even though both follow the project and have admin rights to the repo.


I also have the same issue. I see $org has no projects building on CircleCI, but then I see the full list of projects when I go to the build tab. Is there a status on this issue?


I’m having the same issue, I believe it’s because I’m not an administrator for those GitHub repos. Another member of my team who is an admin can see projects listed here.

I don’t think you should need admin privileges to see what repositories are being built by your org.

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