[Product Update] April 21 Change to Insights Credits & Total Runs Metrics


Metrics for the Insights “Workflow Summary” endpoints (#1 & #2) do not currently include data from on-hold workflows, only completed workflows are used.

In certain situations, this can lead to inaccurate credit usage metrics for specific workflows that use approval jobs.

Upcoming Change:

Starting April 21, 2023, Insights credits and total runs metrics from the endpoints #1 & #2 linked above will use data from all workflows including on-hold workflows.

User Impact:

Consumers of the credits and total runs metrics from Insights may see an increase in each of these respective metrics. This change represents a more accurate way of reporting on CircleCI’s usage.

Note: Insights duration metrics will continue to only use completed workflows. As part of this transition, completed_runs will be a new metric that is provided as part of the Insights API in order to provide a way to access the previous methodology of calculating total runs (ie. excluding on-hold workflows).