Postgres on the OS X builders

Before I spend considerable time feeding commands into the OS X builders one commit at a time to find out what’s up with Postgres there, has anyone else already figured it out and willing to share?

I’m switching a project over from the Linux builders to OS X. It has web, Cordova, and Python API parts. The Python API parts have tests that hit the premade database on the Linux builders just fine. I’ve figured out that Postgres is installed, but createdb can’t find it.

Thanks for any help!

We can enable SSH for you now so you can poke around inside the box. Can I get your GitHub org for this project?

The GitHub org for the project is Bowst (

Thanks, you guys should be able to SSH in now. Would be great if you shared your findings here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we ended up pushing the code to two repositories, one built on Linux and one on OS X, and doing the Postgres using tests on the Linux one so I don’t have useful insight to share. Maybe next time.

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