Creating database for macos executor


I am working on an iOS app that communicates with a Postgres database. So far, I have been creating databases through Docker executor, but this time I need macos to simulate an iPhone. Is there an easy way how to create such database? So far, I have come up with four options

  1. If CircleCI can use Docker whithin macos executor: Just create the DB in the executor (possibly manually with run command)
  2. If CircleCI can communicate between different jobs: I can create a Docker job, which will include the DB. Then, I build the app in a different job and connect to it
  3. If macos executor can’t use docker: Download Postgres and create the DB manually whithin the job
  4. Nuclear option: Just give up and use nock to mock every database call. Not prefered.

Which one of these (if any) is doable? Or is there another option? Thanks!

I think option 1, 3, and 4 are all doable. I would not recommend #2 because the docker machines and MacOS machines are in separate data centers so you would have massive latency even if you were able to get this to work.

I think the simplest approach is #3; to brew install postgresql and go from there.