How to handle db with docker-compose

I’m trying to understand how to make my particular case work, and I guess I need some guidance on how th approach this problem.
Here is how my project is structured


Now, both projects use my localhost PostgreSQL and connect using a DATABASE_URL set in a configuration file (in my .gitignore) which is


In production it will use AWS services.
I’m using in my circlci config - image: circleci/postgres:9.4 but I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to put all these bits together.
The way I figured could work is:

- run: 
    name: Setup Directory Database
    command: |
      cd directory
      bundle exec rake db:create
      bundle exec rake db:schema:load

But looks quite fishy.
I want the main container to connect to the postgres:9.4 container and initialize the database. docker-compose is using env_file so probably I need to write the configuration in some ways (???)
Suggestions? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it


If you are using a CircleCI PostgreSQL container in the image key, then that will merge a socket into localhost. However you’d have to expose that to Docker Compose in some fashion.

I run Docker Compose to do integration tests (around 10 containers pulled from my own registry) and to simplify things I pull a database into Docker Compose itself. Thus, instead of running it using the CircleCI approach, I just use on CircleCI container and do everything inside Docker Compose.

Give that a try, and if you get stuck, show us your docker-compose.yml and what problem you’re trying to solve in CircleCI using DC (building images? running tests? etc).

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