Possible to run cljc tests as both clj and cljs?

Hey folks! My project datawalk (https://github.com/eggsyntax/datawalk) has all its tests in .cljc files, so that I can run them both under Clojure (via lein test) and under ClojureScript (via lein doo). That way I can make sure everything’s working under both environments.

Is there any way to have my CircleCI builds do the same? I saw that I could set test commands, but it wasn’t clear to me what I’d enter there, or in what format, or whether it would even work.

Any help much appreciated!

Indeed you can. I’m not familiar with Clojure, but if your tests can run as ordinary console commands (and return zero/non-zero to indicate success/failure) then they will be fine. Just put each one in a run entry - it looks like you have one already.

Would you clarify what you saw? As far as I know, the “test commands” in Circle are just the binaries you normally run on the console.