Poetry not installed using standard way

It seems that poetry comes installed with CCI python convenience image now. But the installation method used doesn’t allow certain features of poetry. For example I have a job that needs the 1.x alpha of poetry (for its export sub-command, for serverless) but its not Just Working ™:

circleci@b77ae58a319d:~/project$ poetry self:update --preview

Poetry was not installed with the recommended installer. Cannot update automatically.

self:update [--preview] [--] [<version>]

Now I have to resort to pip, then deal with sudo, yatta yatta.

Hello @jasonkuhrt

I am working on putting together a pull request to get this addressed.

Progress update / notes for myself *

Installing via the instructions given by poetry results in the same issue. I will be trying again shortly in a vanilla Python docker image soon to see if the issue is within our image, the python docker image, or possibly with Poetry.

There was an update to Poetry just 10 days ago that could potentially be responsible. https://github.com/sdispater/poetry/releases

If you end up here, the new convenience image now has poetry pre-installed using the recommended method!

~|⇒ docker run -it cimg/python:3.9
circleci@78dde45f7301:~/project$ poetry self update
Updating to 1.1.2
 - Downloading poetry-1.1.2-linux.tar.gz 100%

Poetry (1.1.2) is installed now. Great!
circleci@78dde45f7301:~/project$ poetry self update --preview
You are using the latest version
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