Podspecs out of date?

I had been using the CircleCI Cocoapod Specs without issue up until today. Now it’s claiming one of my dependencies is not available, but the primary cocoapod spec repository has that updated as of May 30 (so it’s not a timing issue).

Primary Spec: https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs/blob/master/Specs/5/e/b/RSBarcodes_Swift/4.0.0/RSBarcodes_Swift.podspec.json

Build log output when using the CircleCI podspecs:

Resolving dependencies of `Podfile`
[!] Unable to find a specification for `RSBarcodes_Swift`
Exited with code 1

Not using the CircleCI repository works as expected.


I’m seeing a similar issue:

[!] Unable to find a specification for `Sourcery (~> 0.14)`


[!] Unable to find a specification for `Sourcery (~> 0.13)`

Same here. Unable to find spec for any of our pods. Changed spec to CocoaPods works for now but adds to the build time.

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