Cocoapods Specs Mirror Removal

We have previously supported a Cocoapods repo at the below address to help speed up the spec repo clone for users who implemented pods in their jobs.

This spec repo mirror has been in a deprecated state for around 1.5 years and not been updated since March 2020. As such the packages it contains are extremely old and outdated.

From this week, we will be removing this outdated resource.

If your job is calling the script at it will now fail to run.

As this resource is outdated, we do not anticipate this to impact many of our customers.

If you do require use of this resource temporarily while migrating, please update the URL to However, please note that the mirror will be fully removed by 4 April 2022.


This is only required if you are calling the script mentioned above in your jobs. If you are not calling this script, then your jobs will not be affected and no changes are required.

Moving forward, we suggest using Cocoapods 1.8 or newer which allows the use of the CDN, rather than having to clone the entire Specs repo. This will allow you to install pods faster, reducing build times.

Switching to the CDN is quick and easy. More information about how to upgrade to Cocoapods 1.8, and how to switch your Podfile to the CDN, please see the following documentation:

4 April 2022 Update:

The mirror has now been fully removed